Exploring the roots, shoots and fruits of Scandinavian and Nordic musical traditions

We've changed our name! Cloudberry Jam (formerly Multe) is a three piece Nordic folk band that has been together since 2007. It grew out of a weekly jam session once known as “Nordic Jam” that was started in 2003, in Northfield MN.


As time went on, some of the regulars to this session decided that they wanted to take things to the next level and form a band. By now, they were starting to identify many groups, artists and traditional tunes they liked and wanted to cover themselves.


Many, many hours went into careful listening and review to learn how tunes that were chosen were put together to produce their magic - and while the magic part can’t be deconstructed, the music revealed a lot of its secrets that Jam has woven into its own arrangements.

Cloudberry Jam plays traditional acoustic music from the Nordic countries and their immigrant communities in North America. It’s music with an incredible energy and drive that is different from other Northern European styles of traditional music. Much of the music we play is dance music: waltz, polka, schottis / reinlender, tango, hambo, snoa, pols, polska and more - but there is also the quiet side, best for just listening.


Our name stems from the Scandinavian word, multe (cloudberry); the rare slow-growing sub-arctic bramble fruit found throughout the Nordic countries. A wild plant, it needs sunny exposure and grows in acidic ground where other crops are not possible. We've turned it into a delectable spread! The taste is both tart and sweet—like life itself. That’s Cloudberry Jam!

The current lineup

  • Bruce Jensen, bass
  • Doug Wornson, accordion, munnharpe, piano
  • Jon Thore Bjork, guitar, accordion

Cloudberry Jam at the Contented Cow doing one of their unannounced "pop-up" performances. We really will try to give a little more advance notice in the future because we'd love to see more of you come out!

Nisswa-Stamman, Nisswa MN
Nisswa-Stamman, Nisswa MN

Performing at the best and biggest annual Nordic music and arts festival in Minnesota!

Multe at Nisswa-Stamman 2018, Nisswa MN
Multe at Nisswa-Stamman 2018, Nisswa MN